Financial Planning Fees

You Pay Only For Our Time

Our financial planning fees are based on the amount of time needed to help you reach your objective. If you only need a few hours of professional time, we only charge you for a few hours. If your needs are more complex, we charge more based on the time required.

Estimate Your Initial Financial Planning Fee 

Below is a sample of our fees for an Initial Financial Plan. Once we have completed your Initial Financial Plan, future annual reviews are often only a fraction of the cost. To learn how we can custom design a plan for you, call us at (910) 448-1450, or click here to schedule a free 30 minute telephone conversation with a financial planner to see if we are what you're looking for.  There is absolutely no obligation on your part. 

“Successful investors work with financial advisors they trust.”

-Chris Hogan #1 Best-Selling Author, Financial Expert at Ramsey Solutions

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Click on the level below that looks best to you, and learn more about what's included.

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Level One

$250 Hour

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Level Two


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Level Three


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Level Four


*Inspire Initial Financial Planning Fees are subject to change without notice.