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Broad Range of Investments

We offer a broad-market equity and investment-grade fixed income exposure, encompassing more than 19,000 global stocks and bonds.

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Diversified index investments that can help alleviate active manager risk in portfolios through lower return variability and low turnover.

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Low Expense

Low costs, with weighted average expense ratios at 0.09%, enabling investors to keep more of their returns.

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Asset Management

Our asset management service provides you with an array of investment choices. We utilize Vanguard, as well as many otherĀ  institutional money managers when considering your options.

At Inspire, we believe in passive management strategies that utilize low cost exchange traded funds. We also utilize active management strategies to a lesser degree. This approach to investing is known as "core and satellite."

All of our portfolio construction begins with an assessment of your personal tolerance for risk.

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